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Educating our children in this increasingly technological world requires us to keep our minds as open and curious as theirs. At Préscolaire Early Learning Academy, our curriculum integrates digital literacy and robotics to provide measurable outcomes in math, science, literacy and critical thinking, emphasizing the cognitive and social skills required to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Young learners are born with an innate ability to solve problems, face challenges with flexibility, and handle change. Our approach is to help them make the very most of those qualities early on, developing the basic skills and critical thinking that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

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Our curriculum for infants is designed to advance their understanding of the world via touch and scientific experimentation. Robotics may be introduced to encourage physical interaction, elemental math skills, and verbal and digital literacy. These basic skills, evidenced by measurable learning outcomes, will ready them for our Toddler Program.

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Toddlers are curious about the world around them—and today that world includes technology. This curriculum employs digital literacy and robotics to spark their interest in how things are coded, programmed and engineered. Outcomes are evidenced by their understanding of basic math, science and literacy, fostering teamwork as well as independent, critical thinking.

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Basic programming concepts, through robotics and digital literacy, introduce preschoolers to key ideas of how we operate and communicate in today's technological world. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on experiences to ensure that the resulting foundational skills in math, literacy, and science are learned not superficially but rooted in understanding.

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By learning early coding concepts such as algorithms, debugging, and looping, children develop critical skills in math, science, and literacy—digital literacy included. This curriculum, as delivered with robotics, provides powerful, engaging ways for your child to understand 21st century technology while developing the cognitive skills that will prove instrumental in kindergarten and beyond.

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After School

Our After School Program provides an active school environment for our students. Although our program is structured, students also have time to spend with their friends. For Ages 5-12 (Includes up to 13 years old in Texas). We feature an environment that combines freedom and structure with the right mix to inspire, while assuring your child’s safety. As we know, safety is so important to you as a parent!

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Summer Camp

Every summer, Préscolaire introduces an exciting adventure based on current trends while implementing STEAM activities to sharpen campers' academic skills and be ready for the upcoming school year. Watch for upcoming details!

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July 13th 2024
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Summerlin/The Lakes - NOW OPEN!
2836 S. Durango Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89117
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