Infant Program

Infants try to figure out how the exciting world around them works. Our infant curriculum is designed to enhance self-awareness and sensory experiences, as well as enrich observations and curiosities about the environment. Infants will begin to understand how things work and what will come next, as they start to construct their own informal knowledge through exploration and discovery. Acquisition of fundamental concepts, strategies, and skills through everyday activities and learning experiences prepare infants for our Toddler Program.


Program Features

  • Multi-sensory activities
  • Fine motor development through play
  • Outdoor play to develop gross motor skills
  • Introduction to basic colors, shapes, and numbers
  • Multilingual Environment
  • Age appropriate introduction to advanced concepts and vocabulary (such as basic physics, coding, green energy)


Program Benefits

  • Acclimation to a nurturing educational setting
  • Exploration of musical concepts and expression, dance and movement, and visual arts
  • Understanding of increasingly complex language
  • Use of language to express thoughts and needs
  • Exploration of spatial relationships (responds to positional words)
  • Demonstrates knowledge of patterns (words, sounds, movements and objects)
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