At Préscolaire, our admissions process is designed to ensure the highest quantifiable learning outcomes for your child. We're prepared to spend a generous amount of time with you to ask and answer questions as honestly, thoughtfully and thoroughly as we can. Before meeting with us, we invite you to jot down any questions or topics that you feel are relevant.

We go to great lengths to ensure that Préscolaire is the right environment for your child, and that the conditions are favorable for him or her to receive all that a Préscolaire education can offer.

You and your child must be US citizens or legal residents for the duration of metriculation at Préscolaire. No student will be denied because of gender, religion or race.

Each class at Préscolaire is designed so that each child receives highly individualized attention. To ensure this, a low teacher-student ratio is necessary. We therefore recommend that you enroll as early as possible. Every class has its own specific purpose and set of goals. We ask you to carefully review the curriculum and ask any questions you may have. We also ask that you determine your level of involvement as a parent, along with any pertinent details, so that you can be integrated in the process as effectively as possible.

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