Preschool Program

Preschool students gain independence and self-control, take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways, as they learn to express their ideas and understand others more effectively. They communicate by using thousands of words, complex phrases and sentences. Our dynamic and engaging curriculum features exploration and discovery as a pathway to learning for preschool students to gain confidence, creativity, and life-long thinking skills.

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Program Features

  • Advanced skill development in science, technology, and mathematics fundamentals
  • Robotics and coding to build computation thinking skills such as algorithms, sequencing, engineering design process, debugging age appropriate introduction to advanced concepts and vocabulary
  • Digital journaling
  • Interactive technology utilization
  • High-frequency sight words review
  • Hands-on, project-based investigations
  • Multilingual environment
  • Creative art experiences, music, and movements
  • Purposeful, productive play experiences with intentional learning outcomes

Program Benefits

  • Understanding and use of increasingly complex language to express thoughts and needs
    Acceleration of math skills
  • Engaging in positive peer relationships and loving, supportive teachers
    Development of creative and critical thinking
  • Gains awareness, knowledge, familiarity for using technology
  • Confidence in performing arts, orchestra instruments, and dance
  • Advancement of self-regulation
  • Trusting and caring relationships to foster a love of learning
  • Establish foundational skills to sustain positive relationships

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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-Kindergarten students are active, adventurous learners, eager to explore new concepts

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