Highly personalized attention, informed by cutting-edge technology and innovative curriculum, ensures that each child achieves measurable learning outcomes in math, science, literacy, technology and critical thinking—skills that will serve as a solid foundation as their education continues.


Infants try to figure out how the exciting world around them works. Our infant curriculum is designed to enhance self-awareness and sensory experiences, as well as enrich observations and curiosities about the world. Infants will begin to understand how things work and what will come next, as they start to construct their own informal knowledge through exploration and discovery.

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Toddlers are active learners. Toddlers try to discover how things work, what things do, and what they can make happen. Our curriculum implements developmentally appropriate practices for toddlers as they learn to engage in the physical, natural and social worlds, by observing, manipulating, and exploring.

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Preschool students gain independence and self-control, take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways. Our dynamic and engaging curriculum features exploration and discovery as a pathway to learning for preschool students to gain confidence, creativity, and life-long thinking skills.

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Pre-Kindergarten students are active, adventurous learners, eager to explore new concepts, to discover and be inspired, and to assert their independence. Our curriculum is specifically designed to engage Pre-Kindergarten students in areas of study that will be taught in Kindergarten. It lays a solid educational foundation for Kindergarten readiness by preparing Pre-Kindergarten students with essential skills to further develop, grow, achieve, and succeed as they transition to Kindergarten, and beyond.

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Before & After School

When school is out, it is 'in' to join the fun. Each school break and summer camp offer a specialized, uniquely designed curriculum that encompasses STEAM learning and literacy.

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Summer Camp

When School is out, Préscolaire students discover new ways of discovering and exploring. Each school break and summer camp offers a specialized, uniquely designed curriculum that encompasses STEAM-based learning and literacy. Each theme is developed to engage students of all levels in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

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Summer Camp and School Breaks

Every summer, Préscolaire introduces an exciting adventure based on current trends while implementing STEAM activities to sharpen campers' academic skills and be ready for the upcoming school year. Watch for upcoming details!

Flexible Scheduling
All inclusive - No hidden costs!
Only pay for the Days and weeks your children attend
Weekly Themes
For Ages 5-12 (5-13 in Texas)

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