About Us

Children today are growing up in an increasingly technological world. And yet, only a few countries such as the UK, Singapore, and the Netherlands have established policies introducing technology in preschools. Recent studies at Berkeley, MIT, Tufts University and Florida Institute of Technology have shown how digitization and robotization in early childhood education are improving learning outcomes. In fact, children as young as four have built robotics projects while learning a range of engineering concepts in the process.

At Préscolaire, our curriculum employs digital literacy and robotics to instill basic skills in math, science, language and critical thinking, establishing the cognitive and social skills required to succeed in the 21st century. Young learners are born with an innate ability to solve problems, face challenges with flexibility, and handle change. Our approach helps them make the very most of those qualities early on, providing the basic skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

Each Préscolaire school is like a family. The employees are personally invested in your child's success and wellbeing. Everyone serving at Préscolaire is valued and appreciated for their individuality and unique contributions, empowered to make the best possible choice in every interaction. Highly personalized attention, informed by cutting-edge technology and innovative curricula, ensures that each child achieves measurable learning outcomes in math, science, literacy, technology and critical thinking—skills that will serve as a solid foundation as their education continues.

Nurturing Mind and Body

At Préscolaire, the body is to be cared for and respected as a reliable source of information. With proper nutrition being essential to a child's developing brain, we're committed to providing non-processed meals with organic ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. We take great care to meet any special dietary requirements including gluten-, peanut- and lactose-free options while encouraging awareness of the immediate and long-term effects of healthy eating.

Exercise is integral at Préscolaire. Using somatic principles and the latest fitness science, we invite children to move and play in ways that utilize their innate physiological intelligence. Experiencing the mind-body connection through proprioception, coordination and bodily sensation, they can stay attuned to the world around them and operate in their bodies with confidence and dignity.

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