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The Importance of After School Education

After-school education is one of the important areas of educational activities helping students in their comprehensive development. Participating in after-school activities not only helps them improve their health and relieve fatigue after stressful school hours but also supports their mainstream education, contributing to the development and improvement of their characters. Nurturing your...
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How to Incorporate Math at Home

To prepare their child for K12 education, parents all need to prepare knowledge of important subjects. Among them, mathematics is one of the most important. Teaching your child math at home is not a simple matter when their brains are not fully developed yet. You need to be patient and not be hasty with your child by allowing them to ease into using numbers. Otherwise, they will feel...
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Tips for Reading at Home With Your Child

In reality, the ability to read is not a natural process. It actually requires appropriate teaching methods, especially for parents who want to find a simple way to teach their children to read fluently at home. Fortunately, Prescolaire can provide you with a few tips for teaching your child reading at home! Teach your child to read fluently: Make simple vocabulary cards at home Cut...
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How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

A child's creativity begins with their way of thinking and problem-solving. Providing your child with daily challenges will broaden their thinking and understanding of the world. Therefore, a supportive environment will help them become more confident in their views and opinions. There is a number of methods that parents can apply to encourage creativity in your child in their everyday life....
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How to Encourage Kindergarten Education at Home

In today's article, Presolaire will give parents some ideas on how to motivate and encourage your children to learn and discover new things on their own at home, aside from school. Through these activities, you will contribute to better supporting your child's kindergarten education while motivating them to love learning and develop further. Set Up a Daily Schedule While at home, it is...
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What to Look for in a Pre-K Program

How should I choose a Pre-K program for my child? That has always been a headache for many parents. Fortunately, there are criteria that you can base on to choose a Pre-K program for your child. Hopefully, these tips can answer the concerns of those who have children at the age of 4 and want to get them ready for the pre-K program Does the Pre-K Program Provide After-School Care? In...
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The Importance of Daycare Education

Daycare education plays an important role in laying the foundation for the development of your child in both physical, emotional, and cognitive aspects, as well as their thinking and aesthetics. Therefore, parents must understand the importance of taking their child to daycare centers and choosing the right daycare to help develop their child into a next-generation functioning human of...
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Before and After School Care

Extracurricular activities for children play an important role in the all-around development of children, but today parents care more about how much their children score in Math and English in class than developing them in before and after school programs. Many parents also inadvertently lock their children in their homes after school is over, thinking that will give them a happy childhood....
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Kindergarten Program Must Haves

It can be said that, besides the family, a kindergarten is the first educational environment a child can step in. This is the cradle to nurture and shape your child's personality in the future. Every child, anywhere and in any generation, have different personalities and needs to be cared for. Therefore, choosing the right kindergarten is very important and necessary. However, is it not a...
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Reasons to Enroll in our Preschool Program

Preschool is a crucial learning stage that plays an important role in the comprehensive development of children, a prerequisite for them to prepare for the first years of primary school. The Prescolaire Early Learning Academy offers one of the best preschool programs for parents who want to provide the best environment for their children to develop comprehensively in knowledge, personality,...
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Reasons to Use Part Time Daycare

Pre-school is the first level of education in many educational systems, a level that lays the initial foundation for lifelong education in order to form and develop a child's personality. Nowadays, a lot of families in cities and suburbs have been gravitating towards the choice of a part time daycare for their children. Part time education is present in all levels of education, where...
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The Advantages of Daycare for Infants

Every parent has or will be faced with the decision to bring their infant child to daycare. It is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing occasion as you know that your child will now step into a new environment without you in it. Thus, often time, parents will contemplate whether they should leave their little one’s side at all. It’s completely normal to feel this way. The...
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