Day care for infants can benefit your child learn why, by Children’s Learning Adventure.

The Advantages of Daycare for Infants

by Prescolaire Early Learning Acadmeny | May 10, 2022

Every parent has or will be faced with the decision to bring their infant child to daycare. It is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing occasion as you know that your child will now step into a new environment without you in it. Thus, often time, parents will contemplate whether they should leave their little one’s side at all.

It’s completely normal to feel this way. The important thing to note as you and your child approach this life-changing milestone is that you must understand the pros that daycare brings will outweigh whatever sentimental burdens you may have. Let’s learn today with Prescolaire about all these benefits.

Daycare for Infants Supports Motor and Mental Development

Prescolaire's daycare program offers quality education, including a variety of games and activities designed to strengthen motor skills, hand-eye coordination, general balances, etc., for your child. Children are very active, and, therefore, physical development allows them to have more self-discipline to explore and enjoy their surroundings.

Daycare for Infants Promotes Language and Communication Development in Children

Children use language to communicate with each other which is different from the language children use to communicate with adults, based on different gestures.

In Prescolaire's daycare program, children will understand that the way they communicate with adults also changes, depending on the situation and where they are. Family members are more receptive to their child's gestures of feelings and needs than daycare workers, meaning children must learn that if they want something, they must communicate it clearly.

Our activities in daycare for infants also help introduce your child to a new world of vocabulary. Teachers will ask questions, sing songs, and tell stories about everyday topics and about other issues related to science, nature, or the arts in this friendly environment.

Infants Coming to Daycare Centers Will Learn to Take Care of Themselves and Others

In Prescolaire's daycare program, children will become used to taking responsibility for small tasks such as: hanging up their coats when they arrive, cleaning up toys, washing hands before eating, etc.

Through a variety of activities, your infant child will begin to become aware of themselves, and their body, and take on certain responsibilities for personal care.

Teachers will also encourage children to help each other, especially when there is a child who finds it difficult to perform a task and to work in groups to achieve certain goals.

Playing is a Great Foundation for Good Psychological Development

One of the things your child will love most about Prescolaire's daycare for infants program is that it is so much fun. Toys are everywhere. They can participate in dances, songs, games, and preschool activities. It is truly the perfect place for children to play or interact with other children.

At this age, playing is not only fun but also fundamental to the child's psychological development. Games and shared activities facilitate further learning such as language comprehension, a sense of ownership, dialogue, respect, etc.

As infants are at an age where they want to find out more about the world around them, our infant curriculum is designed to enhance self-awareness and sensory experiences, as well as enrich observations and curiosities about the environment. To sign up for our daycare for infants program today! 

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