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How Day Care Can Benefit You and Your Child

by Prescolaire Early Learning Academy | January 18, 2022

A new parent is faced with both excitement and anxiety when deciding whether to send their baby to a day care center. They experience a sense of excitement, but this is often overshadowed by guilt as they consider the idea of leaving their baby in the hands of a stranger for the first time.

It is incredibly normal and understandable to feel all of these things. You may be wondering if the benefits of day care outweigh the emotional burden you are feeling as you approach this exciting milestone.

How can Day care benefit your Child?

Here are a few surprising perks of high-quality childcare, all backed by research. Take a look and feel a little more relaxed at drop-off tomorrow.

1. Daily schedule

Even for the youngest children, day cares follow the same schedule every day. The daily routine includes structured times for eating, playing, and napping. Fun activities such as songs and stories stimulate the growth and development of the mind in slightly older children. 

2. Progress in academics

A day care program exposes children to a structured curriculum that follows state guidelines and helps them achieve their academic potential. During the first four-and-a-half years of life, children who participated in day care had better language and cognitive development. 

3. Better behavior

It has been shown that children who attend high-quality childcare exhibit better behavior than those who don't. Children who attend day care learn social skills by interacting with other children continuously throughout the day. They become more proficient at problem-solving and experience fewer peer problems. 

4. Interaction with others

A day care center's social interaction will be far more valuable than staying at home to spend mommy-me time with your child every day. In fact, the dream may be to stay at home every single day with your kids. Children who attend day care learn how to share, resolve disputes, and play well with others. As well as making friends, they also gain important life skills.

5. Age-appropriate learning

In a good day care, a robust curriculum is in place, which engages your child in a meaningful way. A good day care will use your child's growing interest in the world around him as a way to introduce new ideas and concepts through story, song, and play. Having this kind of engagement builds your child's worldview and mental life.

6. Expand their food selection

Children attending childcare often eat many of their meals with other children and they tend to follow their peers' examples, so you may find that they are more open to trying new foods and healthier choices. 

7. Increased self-confidence

When your child attends day care, they learn to feel confident and comfortable in social settings. Their lives will be enriched by this especially when they meet new people. At an early age, kids can develop their communication skills and self-esteem by learning valuable interpersonal skills.

Bottom Line

It's never easy to say goodbye to your children when dropping them off at childcare, no matter how much you love your job or their day care or preschool. The good news is that a variety of studies shows that quality childcare helps your child to thrive throughout his or her life.

Prescolaire Early Learning Academy is a great option because they employ digital literacy and robotics to instill basic skills in math, science, language, and critical thinking, establishing the cognitive and social skills required to succeed in the 21st century.

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