Learn the building blocks of education for Infants.

Building Blocks of Education for Infants

by Prescolaire Early Learning Academy | October 17, 2022

Each child is a unique individual, with different personalities and divinity. Their ways to learn everything around at each stage of the child is also different. It is best for parents to understand each building block of education for their infants to better accompany them in this process.

Find out more about the basics to your child’s intellectual development with Prescolaire in this article.

The First Building Block of Education: Self-thinking

During a child's infancy, their frontal brain develops rapidly, which is the area where all of a child's thinking happens. Up to the age of 3, education for your child mostly focused on teaching them how to remember things. However, after that, teaching your child how to think for themselves will create a strong building block of education for them.

The more an infant child plays thinking games, the more they can develop high thinking ability and accumulate a higher intelligence index. Therefore, at this time, the toys you give your child shouldn't only be those that involve tools or battery-powered vehicles. Instead, give them toys that encourage using their minds. Appropriate toys for children at this age are games for them to think, assemble, and create new objects such as origami, LEGO sets, etc. You can even teach them to button shirts!

The Second Building Block of Education: Autonomy

As their ability to think for themselves has formed, an infant child, who was still clinging to their parents up until now, suddenly becomes more independent, wanting to do things for themselves.

Autonomy is now gradually formed and becoming the next building block for education. At first, your child will only be half-independent. Sometimes they leave their parents but soon return to them to seek consent for what they want to do. Yet, this pseudo-autonomy is crucial, and thus parents must support their child at this stage.

The Third Building Block of Education: Language

It is said that infant children have a desire to remove all language barriers. This is because they have been in a period of extremely rapid language development since. In a person's whole life, this is the period when they are most likely to remember words. Therefore, parents should teach their children as many words as possible.

So, how to develop your child language ability? The first important thing is that you must talk to your child every day, as much as possible. It is important to talk to children seriously, use the exact same words as adults would use to talk to each other, and use a topic-based, plot-based way of talking to form a building block of education to rational thinking for your child.

You will be surprised how much your child can absorb intelligent language when they one day open their mouth and say a sophisticated word that you often told them when they were a year old. If parents talk to their children every day using serious, accurate, and rich words, the child's language ability will improve markedly. There will be less objectionable words, and the child will never slow in their communications as they grow.

The Prescolaire Early Learning Academy understands these three building blocks perfectly. We know that at their age, infants try to figure out how the exciting world around them works. And therefore, our infant curriculum is designed to enhance self-awareness and sensory experiences, as well as enrich observations and curiosities about the environment. 

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