Find out things to look for when you're choosing a kindergarten program, by Prescolaire Early Learning Academy.

Kindergarten Program Must Haves

by Prescolaire Early Learning Academy | June 1, 2022

It can be said that, besides the family, a kindergarten is the first educational environment a child can step in. This is the cradle to nurture and shape your child's personality in the future. Every child, anywhere and in any generation, have different personalities and needs to be cared for. Therefore, choosing the right kindergarten is very important and necessary.

However, is it not a simple task. Many parents do not know where to start. Here are some factors in a kindergarten that parents need to look for when choosing one for their child.

Location of the School

The location of the kindergarten is one of the important criteria that parents should consider when choosing a school for their children. No matter how high-quality a kindergarten is, or how good the teaching method is, if it is located far away from home, you still shouldn't choose it. Taking your child to a school that is far away can be utterly inconvenient and time-consuming for both the child and the parents. Traveling long distances is also very tiring for your child, not to mention other dangers.

Quality of the Kindergarten's Facilities

This is also an equally important factor in choosing a preschool for your child. Before making any decisions, take a tour of the school's facilities. Take a look at how the children study there, look at the equipment, toys for the kids, cleanliness, outdoors and indoor play areas, and safety, among other things. Once satisfied with the facilities, parents can easily bring their child in. It's not too late to make a decision after the tour.

The Teachers' Qualifications

Teachers are considered second parents of children because they will be the ones who will have the most contact with children when they come to a kindergarten. Teachers are the role models for children to follow in terms of common cultural conversation and behavior. They are also the ones who train children to take the first steps in all aspects before entering elementary school. Therefore, parents should learn carefully about the qualifications of the classroom teachers before sending their children to a kindergarten.

Foreign Language Lessons

Foreign language training programs are also a matter of concern for parents when looking for a good preschool for their child. In the current era of globalization, every child needs to be equipped with a good second language to create a premise for later development. International kindergartens, such as the Prescolaire Early Learning Academy, always focus on training children's foreign language reflexes through native teachers. Studying in an international school will help your child learn more about other cultures and open up to new friends.

Life Skills Programs

Besides the normal culture classes, life skills classes are also indispensable. At an age of cognitive and mental development, children will greatly benefit from schools that provide a comprehensive education in life skills.

This is a necessary condition for the child to fully develop their thinking and behavior. At Prescolaire, children will be placed in many different situations in life so that they can learn to handle awkwardness and social interactions. This helps children to be bolder, increase communication ability, and become more agile when it comes to social situations.

The Prescolaire Early Learning Academy offers a comprehensive kindergarten program. We lay a solid educational foundation for Kindergarten Readiness by preparing students with essential skills to further develop, grow, achieve, and succeed as they transition to kindergarten, and beyond. Enroll your child into Prescolaire today!

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