Prescolaire Early Learning Academy teaches how to make reading fun for children.

How to Make Reading Fun

by Prescolaire Early Learning Academy | October 10, 2022

Books are an invaluable source of knowledge that parents can equip their children with. Reading books not only enriches language ability, creativity, and self-confidence but also fosters and cultivates a child's intellectual and emotional intelligence (EQ) - a factor considered to be a guideline for children's development.

Today, Prescolaire Early Learning Academy will give some fascinating tips on how to make reading fun for your child and help them understand that books are a wonderful gift of knowledge and adventure.

Read to your child from a very young age

And not just at bedtime. Books printed on hardcover or printed on canvas are the first toys a child should have. Create a routine every night for you and your child to develop a love of books.

Anytime you or your child needs a break, grab a book and read it to them. After a tantrum, during lunchtime, after school, or during coffee, anytime can be perfect for you to make reading fun.

Play With Books Like Best Friends

Parents can make reading fun for their children by letting them use their books to play other kinds of games, such as building a house made of books. They can play with books all day and won't get bored.

However, what if they wear down the books after too much play? It doesn't matter. Because until your child can destroy a book, they have been friends with that book for a while already.

But if they really wear down a book, won't you be willing to give them 10 or 20 more books to form this good habit?

Make Reading Fun By Building A Library At Home

If you do this when your child turns 2 years old, you will definitely make reading fun for your child, more than any other activity.

Children often like hardcover books with colorful pictures within them. Take them to the bookstore and let them choose the books they'd like to put into their very own library at home.

You Should Also Read Books Regularly

Being a role model in loving books is one of the best ways to teach your child to read. They will find out for themselves what their parents are doing so passionately and attentively.

Explain to your child that you are playing an exciting game and ask if your child would like to play along.

Make Reading Fun By Using Books As Gifts

Don't forget the idea of ​​giving books as gifts or rewards on your child's birthday or during the holidays. You can easily find many good books at a reasonable price as a gift for your baby.

What you give or receive as a gift often becomes more valuable and meaningful because the meaning of the gift is associated with the feelings of both the giver and the receiver. Therefore, your child will become truly connected to those books even into adulthood.

Reading books is definitely an excellent activity for your child at home and outside of school. But if you want your child to have a truly immersive and tailor-made environment to develop after school hours, Prescolaire Early Learning Academy has got you covered with our Afterschool Program.

Our Afterschool Program provides an active school environment for our students. Although our program is structured, students also have time to spend with their friends, including reading a lot of books together. Find out more and to enroll your child in our courses.

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