Child care centers bring value to children.

The Value of Child Care Centers

by Prescolaire Early Learning Academy | April 18, 2022

Sending your child to a Child Care Center brings a lot of benefits to their development. In this article, let's look at the benefits that these institutions can bring.

Child Care Centers Promote Social Development in Children

In many cases, preschool is where children first interact with other children. A Child Care Center brings new things into children's lives: they will experience with their peers, begin to feel like they belong in a group, and learn rules and manners.

Children will be prepared the foundation for social life: sharing, playing with friends, standing up for themselves, and solving individual and collective problems.

Studying at a Child Care Center also helps with emotional development in children. At centers such as Prescolaire, teachers help children learn to recognize and manage negative emotions and anger. They not only solve the children's problems but also encourage them to find their own solutions to problems.

Child Care Centers Support Children in the Development of Motor and Mental Skills

Prescolaire's goal is to provide your kids with a quality educational program, including a lot of games and activities designed to strengthen motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balancing.

Children are very active. Therefore, physical development allows them to have more self-discipline to explore and enjoy their surroundings.

Child Care Centers Promote Language and Communication Development in Children

Children use language to communicate with each other that is different from the language they use to communicate with adults, based on different gestures.

Prescolaire, as a preschool education institution, helps children understand the way they communicate with adults also changes, depending on the situation and where they are. With our preschool activities, we also help introduce children to new vocabulary. Our teachers will ask questions, sing songs, and tell stories about everyday topics in children's environments and about other issues related to science, nature, or the arts.

What Prescolaire Can Offer for Your Child’s Future as a Child Care Center

At Prescolaire, children become accustomed to being responsible for small tasks like hanging jackets when they arrive, cleaning toys, washing their hands before eating, etc. Through many different activities, they begin to become aware of their own and their bodies and have a certain responsibility for personal care. Our teachers also encourage children to help each other, especially when a child finds it difficult to do a job, and work together to achieve certain goals.

One of the things your child will like most about studying at Prescolaire is how exciting and interesting our environment is. Everywhere, there are toys, dances, songs, games, and activities, making our institution the perfect place for your child to play or interact with other friends. At this age, playing is not only fun but also the foundation for childhood development. The games and sharing activities facilitate the next learning such as understanding the language, the feeling of ownership, dialogue, and respect.

By choosing Prescolaire Child Care Centers, you can be assured that your child will be greatly cared for. They will be making friends and enjoying interesting activities simultaneously with the development of individual qualities, knowledge, and confidence. If you want to learn more about our programs, come visit and find out!

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