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Before and After School Care

Extracurricular activities for children play an important role in the all-around development of children, but today parents care more about how much their children score in Math and English in class than developing them in before and after school programs. Many parents also inadvertently lock their children in their homes after school is over, thinking that will give them a happy childhood....
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Kindergarten Program Must Haves

It can be said that, besides the family, a kindergarten is the first educational environment a child can step in. This is the cradle to nurture and shape your child's personality in the future. Every child, anywhere and in any generation, have different personalities and needs to be cared for. Therefore, choosing the right kindergarten is very important and necessary. However, is it not a...
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Reasons to Enroll in our Preschool Program

Preschool is a crucial learning stage that plays an important role in the comprehensive development of children, a prerequisite for them to prepare for the first years of primary school. The Prescolaire Early Learning Academy offers one of the best preschool programs for parents who want to provide the best environment for their children to develop comprehensively in knowledge, personality,...
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Reasons to Use Part Time Daycare

Pre-school is the first level of education in many educational systems, a level that lays the initial foundation for lifelong education in order to form and develop a child's personality. Nowadays, a lot of families in cities and suburbs have been gravitating towards the choice of a part time daycare for their children. Part time education is present in all levels of education, where...
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The Advantages of Daycare for Infants

Every parent has or will be faced with the decision to bring their infant child to daycare. It is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing occasion as you know that your child will now step into a new environment without you in it. Thus, often time, parents will contemplate whether they should leave their little one’s side at all. It’s completely normal to feel this way. The...
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Why STEAM Learning is so Valuable

  Currently, there has been a new trend of implementing a new education model called STEAM Learning (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Mathematics) into improving the quality of teaching & learning at all levels of schools. It is a good sign for any parents and educators interested in seeing the quality of teaching for children of all ages improve. So, what is STEAM Learning...
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The Value of Child Care Centers

Sending your child to a Child Care Center brings a lot of benefits to their development. In this article, let's look at the benefits that these institutions can bring. Child Care Centers Promote Social Development in Children In many cases, preschool is where children first interact with other children. A Child Care Center brings new things into children's lives: they will experience...
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Best Summer Camp Tips

Best Summer Camp Tips The best summer camps help children become more independent in their activities. However, you need to prepare your child well for them to truly be comfortable and have fun. Let's learn some of the best summer camp preparation tips with Prescolaire Early Learning Academy! Three Tips to Prepare Your Child For The Best Summer Camp Prepare Your Child...
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Why Child Daycare is Important

Pre-school education is the first level of education for any human being. It helps young children develop fully physically, cognitively, socially-emotionally, and aesthetically right from their first toddler steps. Therefore, child daycares play a particularly important role because they educate our children in their "golden period" and create the foundation for their development in the...
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How Pre-K Programs Can Benefit Your Child

Before the age of 6 is an extremely important period for a child's brain development. Therefore, during this time, parents should look to form good habits for their children. That is exactly why Prescolaire is setting out to lay a solid educational foundation for K-12 readiness. Our job is to prepare students with essential skills so that they can develop, grow, achieve, and succeed as they...
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How to Get a Head Start on Preschool

The start of preschool is the beginning of a new phase in your child's development, and many parents wonder what to expect.  Regardless of whether your child attended a toddler program in the past, he or she will make new friends, gain new skills, gain confidence, and become more independent in the next few months.  Your child's early start sets them up for later academic...
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Benefits of a Pre-kindergarten Program

Pre-kindergarten programs provide the best environment and facilities for children who are at their growing and grooming stage. Education acts as a beacon of light for every individual, the main confusion comes at the stage of knowing where to start from. So are parents concerned about giving their kids a source of inspiration to start school or get comfortable in the coming years of their...
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