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5 Common Childhood Fears and How to Handle Them

Your preschooler is just getting to know her world. She spends a lot of time scanning, watching, listening and generally figuring everything out. That is why the familiar is often very important to a preschooler. So, when something is unexpectedly different, or she is suddenly unable to see or understand, she immediately reacts with fear.  Fear is a logical, healthy reaction to the...
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10 Tips for Encouraging Your Child to Work at Home

Avoid homework frustration with these simple tips. While we would like to think our child is as excited to do homework or complete at home educational activities as we are, that is not always the case. Even for parents who homeschool, encouraging children to focus on work in the space where they usually relax or play, is an ongoing challenge. For the rest of us, homework is a source of...
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5 at Home Learning Activities to Teach Scientific Concepts to Your Preschooler

Learning at Home Doesn’t Always Have to Look Like School, Sometimes It Just Looks Like Fun   Preschool children are naturally curious and open-minded, which makes them perfect scientists. They are also risk-takers and unafraid of being wrong, which allows them to make predictions, explore and communicate ideas and take chances. Science is a natural extension of your...
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Multilingualism in Early Childhood Education

Use it or lose it. This basic operating principle applies to all parts of the body—including, and perhaps especially, the brain. Research shows that those who've been multilingual since childhood have better executive functioning skills, and that multilingualism can prevent Alzheimer’s and other age-related brain issues. Why is this? Why is learning more than one language...
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Digital Fluency

Fluency is the ability to communicate an idea or tell a story with ease. To be fluent in a foreign language, for example, means going beyond just asking for directions or reading a menu in a restaurant. It requires understanding the language well enough to create and express whatever the situation calls for, at will. Technology is also a language. For the most part, the current generation...
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